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 Endodontic treatment done correctly means keeping the tooth in question indefinitely,without ever having further problems.

Teeth are not just inert structures, on the inside they have the pulp which contains nerves and blood vessels. If the tooth is injured, decayed, chipped or has deep restorations  signals from the pulp, translated by ascending pain.

 Until you go to the dentist the pulp is likely to be destroyed by bacteria and pulpspace infection, causing a dental abscess. Even at this late time, the tooth can be saved thorough cleaning of infected pulp canals. An insulation system, called the DIGA isolation system, is imperative in this process, in oder to eliminate saliva and bacteria durring work. Treatment of the root, known as endodontic treatment is a very laborious procedure time consuming, the success rate can reach up to 95% if the treatment is carried out conscientiously and with modern equipment.

Root canals are cleaned, enlarged, disinfected, washed, dried and finally hermetically sealed to prevent other microbes to break into this space. May.
Also important is coronary reconstruction, dental filling or crown wich bring additional sealing against all biological factors.