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Contactati-ne la 0737532022

Caries therapy

Teeth may appear healthy on surface,but on the inside they can suffer a destructive process. When we realize that we have a problem with dental pain or swelling might be to late. The sooner problems are found, we have more treatment options. Therefore we focus on the idea of prevention. To prevent is easier, cheaper and with greater chances of success than treating a disease that is already installed.

How much does a filling cost?

It is a question we often hear.A tooth with a carious process can have different degrees of coronary destruction and treatment solutions are different depending on the situation. Possible treatment options:

  • filling,
  • ceramic inlays (if more than 40% of the structure was destroyed),
  • endodontic treatment (if the nerve was affected), followed by glassfiber post and filling or crown or
    extraction – if root or crown tooth and it is compromised.

What the patient consideres “a tooth that needs a filling” can sometimes have more serious implications, and need of complex treatments.

These things can not be established by telephone but require a consultation.